A Simplified Approach to Private Practice Marketing

What Kind of Challenges face you in marketing your private practice?

Marketing any business but especially private healthcare practice today can be a challenge. Most people however who are marketing their private practice successfully are using a combination of methods and procedures.
The reason for this is quite simple. And that is we all have preferences in terms of how we like to consume our information.
For example some people like to receive emails and see Facebook posts. Other patients prefer a phone call. Other patients prefer videos.
Still other patients prefer the personal touch of a handwritten note or newsletter. We strongly recommend that your private practice marketing systems include components of all the above.
You can greatly simplify this by tasking these amongst your staff members. For example it’s a simple matter for your staff to be addressing birthday cards and thank you notes in between patients.
Likewise, they should be maintaining a professional mailing list.
Too often, private practice owners nowadays tend to focus on more elaborate and expensive marketing procedures and overlook the time-tested methods like hosting workshops, open houses, and simple polite communications like telephone recalls to patients who have helped build your practice.
If this all of this sounds like a foreign concept to you, I strongly suggest you consider purchasing a copy of Maximum Referrals HERE!
“Maximum Referrals” was designed years back to give you a theme for each month of marketing. We’ll even provide you with the sample verbiage to use in your promotions. Then, you put your staff in charge of developing each month’s marketing team at least six weeks ahead of time.
There still is no substitute for this personalized approach in building, developing and growing your private practice in these very challenging months ahead.
If you’d like to learn more, take a look around HERE or call us for more information of personalized assistance.
What are your most troublesome marketing challenges?
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