The Perfect Time for Changes…

The Perfect Time for Private Practice Changes…

…is today.
This is one of the only times of the year where people expect changes. So, if you have not done so already, post new fees, office hours, but most especially policy changes, designed to make your life less stressful.
In our previous tips, most of which are up on our blog, reside numerous areas for effective change and growth in modern practices. Please don’t neglect your own vision, goals and purpose in this process. If you have not done this vital work already, get up earlier, stay up later, whatever, because it’s that important! Write it all down, and reread it three times a day minimum. It will be a work in progress, putting you light-years ahead in the “game” called practice.
Complete this by next Monday AM at the latest. Now the hardest part is consistency in follow through. If you have made decisive shifts, some staff and patients will doubt you. Be real steady handed with daily implementation for a month, then you will wonder why you ever did things the old way. By the time the month has passed, you will be on your way to being truly “Independently Affluent” in 2014, our primary goal for our clients this year!

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