Too many private practice owners ignored once timely advice and are now faced with trying to play catch-up.

This is a question I have been answering since 2005. As I’m sure you understand, private practice has become a vastly different animal than public lady looking over papershealth care. No more readily is this apparent that in primary care medical practices. And now, physical therapy and chiropractic practices are faced with the same decisions.
But as naturally smaller and more fragmented organizations, we do not have a lot of the advantages of hospitals or public facilities. We are not supported at all by taxpayer dollars. In fact, it is quite the opposite.
Unfortunately, too many private practice owners ignored once timely advice and are now faced with trying to play catch-up.
Perhaps the most critical thing that too many private practice owners have failed to recognize is that the way patients communicate both with one another and other providers is vastly different than ever before.
This coupled with deep economic uncertainty as well as uncertainty regarding healthcare plans has made staying ahead of the curve much more difficult on private practice owners than ever before.
So here are some key points to be thinking a lot about on this Thursday morning.
Have you instituted all the marketing and positioning changes necessary to ensure your success? You have invested an incredible amount of time money and energy in your career. Are you taking the critical steps now necessary to preserve that future?
If not, I would strongly suggest you start by taking a hard look at your patient’s perception of your practice. The quickest way to do this is simply survey your patients.
Often times the easiest thing to do is to have a contest at the front desk. Take a very simple suggestion box which can be easily managed by your front desk person and decorate it. Let your patients know that those who participate and give their input will be put into a drawing for some type of rewards. Make it simple, make it fun.
But the most important thing of all?
Continue to pay attention and provide your patients not only what they need but what they want and are asking for from you their private practice owner.
Your future in private practice depends upon this.
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