I find there is at least one thing clinicians intensely dislike about private practice.

Very often when consulting with clients I find there is at least one thing they intensely dislike about private practice. This usually centers around staffing, marketing but more often than not, confronting patients about compliance, and of course money.
Here’s a secret. It’s been worth millions to me over my career.
That is identify, then write out what you dislike about your practice the most. And then make it your number one priority to deal with that one thing first thing every day!
Lets say you hate disciplining staff the most. Remember though, it’s likely your staffing systems that are at fault here. But that’s another story.
But anyways, Judy who you know is not showing up on time, or putting forth her best effort seems to be walking all over you. And you know it and are still intimidated by her behavior.
It eats at you but you still don’t act.
What’s an easy way to deal with this? Simple calm, polite confrontations at a morning meeting with the rest of the team, as the first thing you do every day! [Of course, you do have a policy and compliance manual that Judy has read and signed, so she knows she’s pushing your buttons.]
And simply approach the rest of your daily business and personal duties in this way too.
The last few times together I’ve talked about writing everything down, and keeping really good lists. Lists that you work off and delegate from.
By now, you should really see the value this has, and how simple it can make your life.
But accomplishment only comes after action.

So just make sure you understand that all the lists in the world are useless, unless you take command and do what you dislike first.

Why not start fresh today, both as a private practice owner and in the rest of your life?
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