Far too many in private practice are operating at nowhere near their financial capacity!

Yes, I did say sell! Like it or not, if you are the owner of any business, you are in sales! Big problems arise when we think otherwise, especially in this entrepreneurial world of private practice. So why does “Sales” become a negative term when talking to private practice owners?
Medical ProfesionalsHonestly, I find it’s usually because of a poor financial or “worth” image set by the practice owner. Don’t underestimate this–it’s huge in some cases. If your staff and practice don’t look and feel the part, you’ll back down on effectively pricing, laying out care plans, and enforcing collections policies.
You do have a.) Financial policies, right? Written, placed in staff manuals and b.) Handed out to each patient, c.) Discussed at each staff meeting?
You have studied wealth creation, financial independence and marketing to the affluent? (All of these critical things we have gone over in great detail at our recent Summit Closed Doors for Members and Client Days.)
You get my drift here. Far too many offices are operating at nowhere near their financial capacity because one or all of the ABC’s are not designed, implemented, then paid attention to on a regular basis.
There is good news though! Identifying the problem areas are half the cure.
And when you spend time fixing these, the sales process becomes so very simple, you’ll be astonished at how much you’ve just forfeited in financial reserves by not paying attention to these details.
It’s critical to your future that you learn to price, sell and collect your correctly priced fees on all your services!
And if you need personal help with any of these let’s work on them together!
In upcoming teleseminars, we’ll be interviewing some exceptional clients as they run through the precise steps that simplify the sales process.
Sales is, after all, the lifeblood of any business. Your private practice is no exception!
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