Generating Income in Private Practice

These items added to any private practice will make your professional life more rewarding.

In today’s practice, multiple sources of income are a must! Whether your practice is all cash or not, the following items added to any private practice will make your professional life more rewarding.
Doctors, Nurses, Physical TherapistsIn my mind, they are a must. But too many in the profession are nowhere near capitalizing on them all.
Here are my current favorites:

  • Nutrition Support Center: Includes some supplements, testing, and separate CASH consult fees. You don’t need to spend thousands extra to learn this, either.
  • Massage Rx: When combined with chiro care, really enhances cash OVs. (NOTE: Make sure if billing insurance you are careful with YOUR provider # attached to this.)
  • Rehab: Many patients will gladly pay. Look what they spend on trainers and clubs. Again, if you are NOT doing this personally, be careful with insurance billing.
  • Complete Bundled Chiro Care and Support Packages: Members Only get this system, and it is the next big one in chiropractic income. Cash. Right now, it’s a huge chunk of our weekly practice sales.
  • Physical Therapy: A fabulous addition—or an albatross, if not done right.We are developing a special program on this, to be released in future months.
  • Shoes and Orthotics: Big source of former patient returns for replacement. Great markup potential on the orthotics, too.
  • A complete Practice by Design operating system (our Perfect Practice Platform) that ties them all together. Frankly, you’re lost without this one to run all the rest in your private practice.

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