Knowledge is power, but only if you have an actual plan for your private practice.

One of the key challenges in today’s modern private practice is teaching patients how to consume information. Now, more than ever, patients often know more about a named condition then their healthcare professionals!
Now this is not a slight, it’s a fact.
DoctorBecause of the new world we live in, patients will consume books, research papers, webinars, and more long before ever visiting you at your office.
In fact, more and more every day, this is how patients are making decisions!
Who to treat with and what treatments, techniques, drugs, and therapies may be the most effective? Who’s got the best reputation, experience, knowledge, and real training?
How did their other patients and peers view them?
Unfortunately, far too many healthcare professionals still are ignorant of this fact—so when patients are searching for practitioners or those knowledgeable about their condition, you’re nowhere to be found.
And therein lies the cure. Knowledge is power, but this will only work if you have an actual plan.
Your plan must include both on and off-line materials. It needs to include education and critical business facts in a variety of formats the patients are now choosing to consume.
Video is extremely powerful. And I’m not talking about YouTube.
Online advertising must be representative, and professional.
It also needs to be monitored and changed up frequently.
One more thing: trying to do this by yourself is an absolute nightmare! The internet is an ever-changing and very complex landscape. No matter what the patient’s age, searches on mobile devices for all of these conditions far surpass any other media.
Patients are asking me all day long on social media: where are YOU, and “where” are you going?
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