What likely separates any private practice owner from ultra success is a fully developed game plan!

Traditionally, a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking and speculation goes on surrounding fall sporting events. Why did some coach do this, what if this player did that, and so on.
doctor holding glassesMonday also is the day that pro athletes watch their video performances from the weekend. Literally, they fail their way to success. Yes, that’s right—they are not afraid to make mistakes and continuously learn by them. The more valuable and achieved the player, the more mistakes they make.
Often, you don’t see them, because only their wins are highlighted. The fact of the matter is that winners in any game or business are IN the game more. When you play more, not only do your failures increase, but your wins increase to a greater extent!
This is a numbers game, which great businesses and sports fully realize. The numbers get better with better quality game plans.
Watch the greats in any sport profession, and the rules are basically the same. If you think about championship teams, they’re always working on their game plans.
Any great game plan includes contingencies, training and coaching systems, marketing, fan-based activities, and rules for expansion!
Your private practice really is no different.
But what likely separates any private practice owner from ultra success is a fully developed game plan worked out with coaches who have experience in the game—the ability to work, and move gracefully on the sidelines.
This is one of the most important, often ignored, key tickets of success. And make no mistake it is a ticket, with a price.
In fact, my coaches have a lot more experience and make a lot more money than I do. For the time being, anyways. This is deliberate. It’s part of Living and Practicing by Design™.
You see, I don’t take advice from people who are less successful than I—I go straight to the top.
Napoleon Hill called this gaining “specialized knowledge”.
And it has always served me extraordinarily well as my private practice game plans become more and more elaborate.
How about YOU? Got “Specialized Knowledge”?
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