Your private practice has the potential to be a powerful business.

This is attributed to Albert Einstein. It was made during the development of his work in particle physics.
Clearly, if you think back to all the hours you spent studying the basic sciences, you understand this is true. This is basic Newtonian physics.
Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 10.31.34 PMBut like it or not, it all is also one of the basics of life, and most especially business.
Make no mistake about it; your private practice has the potential to be a powerful business. Still, nothing happens until YOU are moved to action.
This is one area one more private practice owners get themselves into trouble.
Other from not moving, moving too slowly as the world around them changes dramatically.
You see, right around you there are people who will build enormous powerful private practices. They don’t know that there’s still a recession happening.
And I hope, you are counting yourselves in these ranks.
But far too often, in any private practice not succeeding you can retrace back to a lack of movement and activity in the correct direction on the part of the practice owner.
The question I have for you today, is are you already moving in the right direction?
Where’s that direction taking you?
And most importantly what are you going to do about it if not.
That really is the only answer you need.
Remember, this is what we do all day long. We are here to help practitioners build a life of their dreams.
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