If Patients aren't Challenging You're not Really Trying!

Do you have the key business skills and strategies that are necessary to maintain a powerful AND profitable private practice?

Early on in private practice, even the smallest challenge can seem like a great difficulty.
Think back, and you probably will remember that first noncompliant patient, or perhaps a disgruntled staff member. You weren’t sure what to do, but ultimately what needed to be done was handled.
After a year or two, once the basics are mastered we surprise ourselves with the ease with which we can actually move through our private practice days.
And, it is at this particular stage where complacency can become dangerous. Because once we stop being challenged, we fail to grow and expand. This is where boredom sets in, this is where mistakes happen, it’s also where income plateaus.
Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to obtain the advanced knowledge you need Along with the ability to exercise more choices.
In essence, access to the online world has revolutionized private practice expansion.
So why is it then that a significant portion of private practice owners continue to struggle, or worse yet close their doors?
Honestly, I believe because we have failed to educate our students and undergraduates on the importance of key business skills and strategies that are necessary to maintain a powerful AND profitable private practice.
Of course, governmental burdens and recent regulations make this more challenging than ever.
The good news is, it is not impossible.
In fact, every week now I talk to successful private practice owners who have revolutionized their approach to private practice, and thus their results, and satisfaction.
But often times this means bucking the status quo. It means doing something drastically different than your competitors. Often times the concepts needed to be extremely successful in private practice today counter everything you learned in the past.
And my response is that’s just fine! It is what it is. But the reality is in order to be successful moving forward you’ll need to radically change your approach to staffing, management and yes marketing.
One of the things that considerable expansion of public health care has done is to commoditize you, and your degree. Unless you explain this precisely to patients they have no reason to know or understand why you and your practice maybe dramatically different than that of your closest competitor.
The key ticket to success in private practice is now to position yourself as unique, and something patients really want, need AND will gladly pay out-of-pocket for too.
The question is will this be you, or your nearest competitor?
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