Are you guilty of promising too much to your Neuropathy and Chronic Pain patients?

One of the key issues that is imperative to understand when you treat patients that are chronically ill, is that often times they have been ill for many years.

Too often, these patients have been given the mentality by other healthcare professionals that they simply need to take this pill or that, and not take personal responsibility for their own health issues.
Of course, this does not apply to patients that suffer from genetic diseases or trauma. In those cases nothing could be further from the truth. But unfortunately a vast majority of patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain have a lot of underlying issues which you can help them deal with.

We are driving more patients to our clinics for care, units, and supplies through social media than ever before!
We are driving more patients to our clinics for care, units, and supplies through social media than ever before!

The real key to clinical success is getting these patients to understand what they must do themselves. And in some patients, this is a relatively short list. It is unfortunate, but sometimes patients take years to make healthy decisions. Those like quitting cigarettes, reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption, and maintaining normal body weight.
But herein lies the incredible opportunity for you the private practice owner! Since these are the most common health problems presented in your private practice, do you already have the systems in place to deal with all of these conditions which must be addressed? If not, you are missing an incredible opportunity to serve your chronic pain and neuropathy patients. I think you see where I am going here.
One final reminder. DO NOT put yourself in the position as a clinician as being the patient’s savior! Or Make ANY “claims” about cure or results!
Instead, reward them when they accomplish targets you have set for them. By the same token, put the responsibility back on them if they failed to follow your good neuropathy treatment advice. This is about YOUR expertise, not some magic, pill, potion or equipment!
Likewise telling (yes, in writing, as part of informed consent) all your patients that the only promise you can make is that of the best clinical treatment you are capable of is sage advice, which has served me well ‘til this day.

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