Personalization can significantly expand your private practice!

One of the things that we really have learned from social media, blogging, Instagram, et cetera, is that personalization can significantly expand our practices. The KEY area is expanding into healthy living.
Doctor working with laptopYou may have a special interest in this. Perhaps you’re great cook or gardener, you create things that help alter environmental impacts, or you work with animals or children.
All of these things are areas in which patients are clamoring for information. Patients are often way more interested in these things then you may believe. Now contrast this with a private practice owner’s approach that is strictly and continuously promoting “pinched nerves”, “back pain”—even “neuropathy”!
Working like this has the distinct advantage of positioning you as, not only an authority, but a real human being.
This is something you can do easily, 100% from your mobile phone—short videos and pictures, all posted to your Facebook Page, blog, etc.
What I would suggest is to start with things you are familiar with. It could even be something as simple as healthy home care. Whatever it is, identify, and it quickly jump on. Don’t underestimate the power of this when it comes to prospective patients.
This can also help substantially with community outreaches. Understand that a little time here can pay huge dividends—way more powerful than thousands of dollars of paid advertising.
Just be sure to share with all your patients, and your entire community. This portrays you as the real person that you are. This also increases human affinity—that is externally powerful!
Learn to start thinking, behaving, and most especially marketing in this way for your private practice. You won’t regret it.
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