If you find yourself stuck in private practice, perhaps it’s because you have spent too much time inside the box.

The last three days have been amazing. I’ve been in Florida at the FCPA convention and spent a lot of time with almost 500 private practice owners and their teams.
I even had time to just sit quietly with Dr. Peter Fernandez, one of my mentors and instructors from long ago. And WE got to attend each other’s classes this weekend too!
DoctorsPeter is absolutely amazing. See, even 52 years after graduating Chiropractic College he still consults new chiropractic physicians, using all the modern tools we have at our fingertips.
Now this is a sharp contrast to those who tell me from time to time around the USA that their practice “isn’t what it used to be” or “I can’t make any money”, “I don’t do Facebook…” you know the stories.
But not once did I hear that from any attendees at that CPA convention.
These guys are engaged!
They have found ways to continue to expand, serving the needs of their community.
Most I talked with are doing extraordinarily well in private practice. They’ve added things like additional profit centers, new skill sets, chronic pain and neuropathy care.
And the list goes on and on.
Many of these chiropractic physicians have been in practice for many years. And perhaps that’s what I found most rewarding about this weekend.
So if you find yourself stuck, perhaps it’s because you have spent too much time inside the box. It’s time to get out walk around and follow those who are leading the profession down better paths.
Oh, by the way, this is all despite Obamacare and the massive shifts we have seen in our economy, and absolutely pathetic third-party reimbursement.
No matter where you practice, take a hard look at your own professional career. But, especially your profession—even our medical and PT colleagues are in the same boat in private practice.
Where ARE you headed, and WHAT are you doing about it?
If you are NOT 100% happy, and growing, it’s time to do something different!
To be part of this wonderful organization nationally, please just GO to http://myfcpaa.org and in Florida at http://myfcpa.org
Thanks Dr. Rod Lacy for putting this whole thing at FCPA and FCPAA together!
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