Master this, and you will never want for new patients in your private practice!

I had a very interesting experience in the clinic this morning. A long-term patient, who was also been battling significant disease, told me he has been treated at one of the premier medical centers in the world.
DoctorsThis patient has literally been through hell with treatments during the last 18 months. The good news is, he’s strong, still working, and, above all, has a great attitude.
But he told me he was on his way to fire his doctor.
Of course, I was very interested and he asked me if I had a few minutes to share his discussion.
Wouldn’t you know it, he felt this clinician was one of the most astute clinicians he ever met—but lacked any shred of personality, or the ability to actually make a human connection.
But what this doc especially lacked was any enthusiasm about her patient’s prognosis, and, ultimately, recovery!
Of course, given everything he has been through, he found it enormously emotionally devastating.
How unfortunate in this day and age, with everything that’s known about the influence of our state of mind on healing and health!
There is an enormous lesson here:
We probably all can think back to some of our classmates—some of them may not have been the best academically, but boy are they going to build enormous practices.
Why? Simply because they recognize the enormous impact that having basic human relationship skills has!
So often, when rendering second opinions for patients, I find all they really wanted from their original professional was to be heard; for the healthcare professional to just sit and really listen to them.
Far too often, this is becoming a lost art.
But, master this, and you will never want for new patients in your private practice!
Many times, this trumps academics, hands down.
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