Implement scoliosis-related products and services as additions to your private practice!

There is a large segment of the physical medicine population that is neglected.
doctor with x-ray giving the thumbs up signThat segment, thousands of whom I’ve had the pleasure of caring for over the last 30+ years, is those adults who suffer from scoliosis.
Research tells us that adults who suffer from scoliosis take twice as long to recover from episodes of back pain. Furthermore, we know that adult patients with scoliosis are more than twice as likely to experience chronic pain.
Unfortunately, many times these patients are ignored, or left to their own resources. Too many of these patients simply self-medicate and end up with other health issues from abuse of over-the-counter medications.
In fact I see, in my neuropathy and chronic pain practice, patients who suffer from adult scoliosis who simply are repeatedly told they “just need to live with it”.
What is even more unfortunate is when a doctor or therapist tells me they’re uncomfortable caring for these wonderful patients.
There is a whole lot you can learn to do to better manage these patients!
Simply learning effective manual therapy techniques goes a long way. Also, adding your expertise in exercise and rehabilitation can help make these patients more comfortable and self-sufficient almost immediately.
There’s also a significant income stream to be had here by implementing scoliosis-related products and services as additions to your practice.
These additions include adult scoliosis supports and bracing, orthotics, and special scoliosis classes for adults.
I find too many private practice owners seemingly ignore this pool of incredibly grateful patients.
The reality is, there is so much we can do to really help these patients get better.
By now, you should realize that simply improving the quality of life with long-term supportive care is a blessing for these patients.
Keep in mind it can also be a blessing for your practice because many times these patients will out of necessity continue to visit you for your supportive care on a long-term basis.
If you’re not already treating and helping these patients we strongly recommend you consider adding this wonderful group to your private practice, whether it be physical medicine, physical therapy, or chiropractic!
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