There are some things private practice owners can do to accomplish more without getting overwhelmed.

It’s hard to believe, but this year is half over. This also means its time for a reappraisal of where you’re at and what you have accomplished—or not. There is one fact that many business and private practice owners still do not realize. And that is, the pace of change continues to accelerate.
DoctorsIf you look back and find that the previous six months have finished without significant forward movement on your part, perhaps you are not adapting as quickly as you will need to be in this new world.
Alvin Toffler, many years ago wrote about “Future Shock”. In essence, future shock is the failure to adapt to the rapid pace of change.
Historically, this century has seen a profound acceleration of the human learning curve.
Well, future shock has been part of our world for about 50 years now! Some of us adapt quickly, and some not at all. In business, especially in the mobile device driven media and even economy, our world now changes dramatically—often inside every 90 days! It wasn’t that long ago that this same amount of change took at least 10 years.
But there are some things we can do to accomplish more without getting overwhelmed. Start by always working off lists! I find the combination of lists and notes stored on my phone and iPad, as well as daily written journal entries help keep me focused and on track.
Secondly, check your happiness quotient! Honestly, if you we are not playing and having fun on a daily basis, life and practice can become a huge burden, often of our own making!
Always keep in mind that this time needs to be scheduled and non-cancelable, just like appointments by patients in your private practice.
Lastly, why not challenge yourself to DO and BE more? Focus on service and gratitude.
But, above all, challenge yourself to take the very best care of YOU possible! After all, as the leaders of our practices, families, and, yes, community, having enough “me” time is critical.
So if you find yourself being less than 100% happy with the first half of your year, this is the time to put it on yourself with a new game plan!
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