Lessons In Avoiding Overwhelm for the Private Practice Owner

Let’s face it, running a private practice today is an extremely large job. In fact, it is just like being the CEO or president of any big organization.

Along with this comes a whole host of responsibilities. This includes marketing, staff management, and, most importantly, being the best clinician you possibly can be.
DoctorThe problem in making this all happen is information overload. There is just so much information to be consumed, that often nothing productive gets done—because there is no game plan, order, or proper focus.
There are, however, some simple steps you can take today which will make an enormous difference.
The first thing to understand is that this is reality, and it will never be perfect.
Secondly, dedicated time slots need to be scheduled, just like any other activity, where all you do is to consume appropriate learning and training material. This is quiet, dedicated time where no disturbances are allowed. Turn your cell phone off. Put yourself in a position to take good, organized notes, or simply dictate them and make a usable outline for yourself.
Next, when you begin a new project, focus on one step at a time. Do not leave this first step without understanding every line, every word, and every detail.
This is vitally important when learning any new marketing or clinical material.
It is been said that one of the biggest reasons for failure to learn is moving on to something new before you’ve accomplished the basics.
Private practice, of course, is no exception.
So, start today by making your life simpler and more productive.
Remember, you are in complete control of your decisions, and thus your time. Protect it, and use it to your complete advantage in your private practice!
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