A detailed, focused plan in virtually any area of life outperforms randomness. There is nothing random about lasting success in private practice!

“It’s the randomness of most people’s activity that prohibits profitable productivity. It’s absence of, poor adherence to, or poor enforcement of process that handicaps and harms business more than anything else.”
Dan Kennedy (emphasis added)

Person Wearing Scrubs, WritingWhat a concept. “You mean a detailed, focused plan in virtually any area of life outperforms randomness?” The answer is a resounding YES! This is Success 101.
The only area where I think this should not apply is during downtime—which, by the way, is always pre-scheduled by high achievers.
For such a simple concept, why do so many of us struggle or have to be reminded of this? Honestly, I think it comes from not having written lists of goals, and the corresponding listed steps needed to get there.
Recently, I was reminded of this while reworking some key systems in the business. I needed some efficiency with an online project. I went back to it with a blank legal pad, and also made iPad notes, which I sync with my iPhone. For three weeks, I looked at the list often during the day.
Then, I simply kept the legal pad and digital lists handy, and checked off each accomplishment, no matter how small.
Before I knew it, the process seemingly just unfolded right before my eyes!
And this is because the first thing I do every day is go to my lists. That is a planned, carved-in-stone activity for me, and has been for over thirty years.
There is nothing random about lasting success!
So if you are finding it hard to get started this Monday morning, I respectfully suggest you quite simply get back to basics.
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