Too many private practice owners make excuses.

It’s a new year. Do you know where all your patients are? Now, if you did effective marketing in December with your holiday events, plus lady looking over papersyour newsletter with a spectacular offer for former and new patients lands in their mailbox today, you have nothing to worry about.  Your day is already stacked and you are busy until 7 PM. Congratulate yourself, read no further and have a great day.
But for too many private practice owners, the reality is excuses are made. “It’s the economy, people have no money, insurance sucks. People don’t really want what I have to offer.” And on and on it goes.
So let me ask you something. When was the last time you asked your patients what they really want from your practice, what are they looking for from yourself in terms of your skills, what about other services?
Have you embraced a spa-like mentality like we advocated first back in 2005? Have you made sure everything remains warm and inviting despite the stresses of the outside world?
If you have successfully done all these things, I congratulate you you’re hitting the ground running. But if anything we’ve said here this morning is not reality for you, you’ve got some catch-up to do.
You see, we have tremendous tools with which to help private practice owners capture the realities of 2013.
But it is totally up to you as the private practice owner to choose your direction and make sure that everything that needs to be implemented has been done.
Oh, and one last thing.
YOUR patients are talking to me on Facebook. All day long, sometimes far into the evening. The amount of private messages and phone calls and email I receive from neuropathy and chronic pain patients around the world, has literally exploded. Inside 90 days.
And they ask, where are you? I think that’s a great question.
If you are our client, not to worry. We’ve got you covered with a great website, social media presence, mobile app, and radio show, 24/7 messaging system, and the list goes on.
But you must also be FULLY engaged. We held your hand, and showed you exactly how.
As one of my patients recently said, “…my pain never takes a holiday. Where IS everybody?”
Patients need to see and feel the person behind the media. This is what makes your interaction not only in your practice but in the social media like Facebook so critical.
Like it or not, it IS the single largest communication platform the human race is ever experienced.
Of course we have your back, and will lead the way. But to fully accelerate your private practice results, people need to FEEL who you really are. On a very large-scale.
I hope you’ll spend some time answering how to do all this better as you begin your day.
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