As a private practice owner you need to be where your patients are.

It was never a question of if, but when. And for private practice owners, when was 2012!
In less than 2 years from today, mobile device usage will far surpass PC usage. You name it- calendars, phone calls, banking, yes even billable professional services done by you!
And if you are our client, this will mean a sharp drop in emails, and only scheduled and emergency phone calls! There will be no more hard copy CDs and Paper newsletter as the digital world is FAR easier to manage.
Here’s how private practice owners should do it. First, make sure you own a high quality phone. Don’t cheap out on storage and speed either!
Tablets like iPads are now essential. We STRONGLY advise iPhones and iPads and Mac PCs due to ease of use and locally available (as well as tons of on-line) training.
Next, download a free app like Kindle to manage all your files, notes, books as .pdfs. You’ll be able to store, manage and retrieve them all in a snap!
With books, you can make notes, highlights, and even share excerpts on the social media.
Next, all your audio files can be played, as can your training videos! If you are a keeper-organizer like me, you’ll have all your  favorite mp3s and selected ones from your trainings in one place like an iTunes playlist.
As you listen to your audios, you’ll be able to create notes simultaneously into files that you can save, organize and share.
You’ll also be part of events in calendars we create for you.
Reminders and messages will be delivered by private forums and SMS (text) to you.
Now, do this right, and you’ll have all the SAME files synched across your desktop PC and every mobile device you own. And when you edit them in one place and they’ll synch across each other.
But the biggest reason of all to embrace the mobile world?
Your patients are ALREADY living, playing and working here!
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