“Welcome Guest or Uninvited Pest?”

Marketing that builds bridges and establishes basic human connections is still the most powerful and effective for your private practice.

When speaking about private practice communications, it helps to study the greatest copywriters and marketers of all times. People like David Ogilvy, and Joseph Sugarman.
One of the best writers without question is Dan Kennedy. One of the reasons I admire Dan’s writing so much is there’s never any fluff. He always gets right to the point.
One of the most important points that Dan teaches is that effective marketing in private practice, as well as any solid business venture is that you must have your marketing messages (you, the professional) perceived as a “welcomed guest and not uninvited pest”.
You don’t have to go too far in the outside world to see what I mean. There are examples in every business, both online and off-line, in which advertising and marketing is too often perceived as annoying, and less than helpful.
Because of this now our society is hypersensitive to many marketing messages. And paradoxically, this is very true with the advance of mobile technology.
Here’s what we do know about today’s healthcare consumer. They’re looking for value; they’re looking for relationships.
Marketing that builds bridges and establishes basic human connections is still the most powerful and effective. This has withstood the test of time. Some of the greatest marketing lessons ever told come from history books, from great orators and writers.
The point of this entire discussion today is to make sure you have taken a hard look at how you communicate with your prospective and current patients.
What systems do you have in place to get them engaged, and interested in your private practice?
More importantly, what is your strategy to keep them fully engaged in your private practice?
This is extremely important now, moving into the foreseeable future.
And even with the move to mobile technology devices, miss the “connection” and you have missed the market.
Don’t let this be you.
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