Private Practice owners now have opportunities that were never before available!

It’s no secret. Tremendous changes are on their way for private practice owners. And despite all the doom and gloom, the decisions you make in the next 30 days will determine if you capitalize upon these opportunities or not!
One of the most fertile grounds for private practice owners, especially those of us in physical medicine right now is pain management. The backlash against pharmaceuticals and injectables is huge.
It’s not just chiropractors and physical therapists. Medical physicians are constantly on the lookout for better ways to help their patients.
The good news is there’s no shortage of opportunities. The bad news, trying to sort them out requires tremendous time, and investigation.
This is where we can help! For the last few years we have been involved in intensive investigations for the better treatment of patients with peripheral neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain. Our work both in the laboratory and the clinics has paid off big time.
The result is private practice owners now have opportunities that were never before available!
But, like anything else, there will be those who reach out and grab the opportunities and those who wait on the sidelines waiting to see what happens.
Here’s the problem. If you’re not already moving in this direction, you are way behind the curve. All you need to do is follow the large trends, and see that the writing is on the wall. Many physical therapists and chiropractors have colleagues, who lost their positions working in healthcare corporations. Worse yet, is the private practice with no strategy.
THIS WEEK is the best time to finalize the design of your strategy for 2013 and well beyond.
Just don’t forget this requires the blending of clinical excellence with effective business strategies specific to private practice owners who seek not only prosperity, but also the rich private life of their design!
To that end, we thank you for turning towards us for direction, guidance and effective business strategies.
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