As a private practice owners you must present yourself both on and off-line as unique, personable, and approachable.

One of the issues that too many private practice owners resist, and do not give nearly enough time to is telling your “story” personally.

It’s time to cross that new bridge.

This has always been true, especially for private healthcare practice owners. Now however, with the shift towards more and more social media it is becoming more important than ever that you have a close up and personal role in marketing your practice.
And I know this makes many of you uncomfortable. There is however, a way to make this very simple.
Simply think of your online engagement just like an off-line engagement.
For example, let’s say you were invited to speak in front of a local group. You would show up well dressed, polite, and ready to tell everybody where you are, what you do and why you chose your profession. And this is something you cannot afford to have somebody do for you.
You must present yourself both on and off-line as unique, personable, and approachable.
Just like you would as if someone was meeting you for the first time in your reception area, make sure your smile, and friendly demeanor comes across clearly. Don’t shy away from friendly interactions that enforce this perception with other people.
This is not some place where you want to appear as a carbon copy or boilerplate. Too often, this will hurt you personally and professionally.
Once upon a time, healthcare professionals were advised not to get too close to patients. Unfortunately, that advice does not always serve us well.
Now more than ever transparency is incredibly important.
Next time will talk about some steps that you can take to make this easy.
But let’s start today by warming up both your personal and online interactions with prospective patients, and other private practice professionals, in the community.
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