Are you still a good student?

We are seeing private practice owners encountering great difficulties in adapting to change.

Some private practice owners mistakenly believe that when they graduated from school, their study time would diminish.
Now it’s true, you probably are no longer burdened with final examinations, research papers and the like. Now however, you need to acquire an entirely new set of skills.
In addition to learning CEO skills, you need to develop your observation skills. You see, the private practice of healthcare is changing very rapidly. Gone are the days when changes take place over years.
As Toffler described in “Future Shock”, what used to take a decade to make sure in society now takes place much more quickly, sometimes in about 90 days.
In some cases the social media has moved change to instantaneous!
The viral nature of such changes demands that you have the skills necessary in order to respond appropriately.
No longer, can you as a private practice owner ignore this trend. Soon, more people will be communicating upon mobile devices than ever before. Email will likely radically be reduced!
Already, we are seeing private practice owners encountering great difficulties in adapting to change, as well as dealing with an ever demanding and knowledgeable patient base.
So respectfully, I suggest to you that it’s decision time.
Why not take advantage of everything we have available now, to set the stage not only for transition, but your future in a powerful private practice?
Right now, the public health care system is undergoing rapid transformation. How this will ultimately affect us in private practice remains to be seen.
One thing however is certain.
And that is that those remain powerful communicators across several different platforms simultaneously will continue to do very well in private practice.
So, like so much in life your future in private practice will be dictated by the decisions you make, today!
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