Are YOU and your private practice visible where your patients are?

Well, like most people who are suffering at home, they are either reading a book, listening to radio, watching TV or more than likely combing the web with their tablet or smart phone.
So let me ask you, are YOU and your private practice visible where your patients are? How about when they are consuming their media, are you visible then?
As a private practice consultant, I can tell you with confidence very few practice owners have this one down.
Why? It’s usually because they have neglected to get good training and advice on this vital subject we call private practice marketing.
Don’t let this be you.
Think about it. Marketing your private practice correctly can mean the difference between personal financial freedom and living debt free someday or bankruptcy.
That’s a huge gap, and it’s getting wider thanks to the sharp division drawn for you between public healthcare and private practice.
And more and more, marketing is about positioning, pulling people towards you by establishing a solid reputation, and fully developing the communication skills to capitalize on this.
For example, how does your practice look to a patient searching your area on Google? On Facebook? And even on Twitter.
How about the way your phone is answered after hours, does it say warm and friendly, and inviting enough for patients to leave all their vital info, or better yet get a personal call back by you?
If your patients are not regularly asking you questions via the social media, you are likely failing to 1. Get them to like you, 2. Get them to trust you and 3. More than likely you are not getting them to believe you.
Prospective Patients can now pop from one media to the next, and with todays smart phones and apps, they are doing this in seconds, not even minutes any more!
And that begs the question, what’s your strategy to deal with all of this?
Hopefully, it’s to learn all you can and then execute and monitor a powerful multi-media marketing game plan!
For our clients however, worry is not necessary. We’ve got you covered!
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