Private Practice owners are taking more risks than ever before.

As clinicians, we should not even need to question this statement. Of course you wouldn’t trust your health or a loved ones with somebody who is not a complete expert.
Unfortunately with the current economy combined with aggressive marketing tactics from a whole host of so-called “consultants” clinicians are taking more risks in this area than ever before.
These risks include treating conditions for which you have little or no training.
This is a certain recipe for disaster. Not only because of increased liability but the long-term damage done to your practice when your reputation in the community is damaged.
Worse yet, is when clinicians engage in treating outside their scope of practice?
So, what is the solution for the private practice owner? Start with good decision-making.
Will this new system keep you clinically and academically challenged? Does it make economic sense? Every private practice owner should run his or her own numbers!
It should be obvious to0 that you need to first fully understand the limitations of your license and scope of practice.
Secondly, seek out experts with academic credentials as well as clinical experience. Thirdly, make sure that any equipment employed in the treatment of patients is fully approved by the appropriate regulatory agency.
Lastly, be completely honest and open with your patients. It’s very important to engage them in frank discussions.
Give patients the chance to seek second opinions as well as try various treatments if there are no good alternatives for their condition.
Always place a note to this effect in the patient’s paper as well as electronic chart.
Make sure you have a signed informed consent and that this is witnessed by staff member of legal age prior to the commencement of any treatment.
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