What does your staff really want?

I find one of the biggest mistakes private practice owners make is not being crystal clear as to what is expected from the staff members.

Make no mistake about it. Staffing your practice will we be one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face as a private practice owner.
One of the biggest mistakes that we may as private practice owners is to assume that staff values money more than any other reward.
The reality is, when HR experts are surveyed they actually tell us that money is far from the first thing on your staffs mind.
Rather, your staff likely values appreciation more than any other single thing from you!
It is also very important to understand that when staff of any great organization is asked, they also indicate that the hallmark of a great leader is giving them really accurate feedback. Most people want to be told the truth more than anything else.
Of course, there are exceptions but because you have great hiring procedures in place you don’t have to worry about that.
I find when consulting private practice owners, one of the biggest mistakes they make is not being crystal clear as to what is expected from the staff members.
Admittedly, as the business owner, coming from a healthcare background we are not adequately trained in staffing our practices like the high performing organizations they are capable of being.
So what’s the solution? In my opinion, the solution is to make sure your staff knows exactly what is expected of them. This is where some very basic tools such as job descriptions manuals and duties list go along way towards greatly simplifying the staffing process and making sure your private practice experience is one of the best available anywhere.
Another thing that gets ignored by all too many practice owners is failure to meet with your staff on a regular basis. Do not under emphasize the importance of this.
I have for many years advocated meeting with your staff in a nonthreatening environment by daily basis.
Honestly, just making some of these simple changes will go along way toward accelerating your own private practice growth and profitability.
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