Do you know the difference between pushing and pulling patients and how this effects your practice?

“Push”. Now that’s a term we associate with force in physics and behavior. And now we apply it to our mobile devices that continuously push us new data, messages, emails and images.
Push is also applied to the “in your face” marketing that we are all exposed to. Now don’t get me wrong, it has its place and always will.
But the new world of massive social media and rapid communications is a better opportunity than ever for Pull Marketing.
Pull marketing are those efforts that build relationships, and drew people to who you genuinely appear to be. It’s like adding a humanistic twist to your public appearances.
Now make no mistake about it. You are already “everywhere”! Do you Google yourself on a
regular basis (HINT: That should be a task.)
Even if you’ve been dragging your feet, patients write and post about you. And more about what they dislike than like!
Yes, they tell their friends, and even write reviews about your practice. And so new people are looking for you both on and off line.
And what do you think they are most attracted to? Right. Stories, images and articles and commentaries from a warm, friendly human being.
This would be an image that conveys some compassion and understanding for our fellow man which is still too often absent for many private practices.
So, this week take a look at your total marketing package, but especially your online efforts, which can spread like wild fire.
Remember the term Viral Marketing?
Just remember Pull vs Push when you are organizing your campaigns.
Really gain some traction by just investing 15 mins with a timer EVERY DAY on the social media.
Pull people toward you like a magnet.
Do this correctly and you wont go wrong!
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