Guillain-Barre patients are very often hyper sensitive to many forms of neuropathy treatment.

The onset was sudden; Louise just woke up one morning and her foot felt funny. By the end of the day she was having trouble walking unassisted. In only a few days, Louise needed two canes just to get around. My staff and I pleaded with her HMO to take her complaints very seriously. Her neuropathy and overall condition was initially “blown off” as just aging or related to her B-12 deficiency. And it was an aunt of mine, an RN who finally got them to do so! Fortunately, she was admitted for plasmapheresis, but only after astute medical doctors I worked with really took a hard look at her rapid progression.
Now, this was 20+ years ago. For two decades, even despite regular chiropractic care she lived in constant discomfort from the neuropathies common with Guillain-Barre, every day worried her condition would degenerate and her legs would suddenly stop being able to bear her weight (even with support). Even simple activities like crossing her legs or driving were difficult.
She was emotionally devastated. Her mobility had continued to deteriorate and she was experiencing frequent pain in her lower back and difficulty turning her neck.
After developing our neuropathy specialty protocols a few years back, we began treating Louise with NeuropathyDR® methods to help restore mobility in the affected areas, and the use of a couple different frequencies of neuro, mechanical and electronic stimulation.
It was touch and go, because as we’ve since learned, GB patients are very often hyper sensitive to many forms of neuropathy treatment.
We also began an oral and topical neuropathy supplement program, which was very challenging to get just right!
During her neuropathy treatment though, Louise’s painful post GB neuropathy symptoms subsided drastically and mobility began to re-emerge in her legs and back.
Now, all of this was after 20+ years!
After experiencing these improvements, Louise wrote to us that, in light of her newly regained mobility, she found herself afraid to hope that she would get feeling back in her legs after all this time. She has been following-up with us as scheduled, and by the grace of God she is now 95! And still comes in for diversified Chiropractic care and occasional neuropathy treatments in addition to her home care!
As you see, there is often hope, no matter how long your patient has been living with Guillain-Barre or many other types of neuropathy.
You especially know how even damaged nervous systems may be incredibly more “plastic” than we ever thought.
But only in the hands of a highly trained and experienced neuropathy treatment clinician.
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