Wow, what a week it’s been in the Norwell neuropathy treatment clinic!
We’ve taken in several new cases this week. Post-surgical neuropathy, diabetes and chemotherapy.
We also have had our youngest cancer patient ever come in, a 17-year-old lymphoma patient.
Then there’s the 77-year-old gentleman we referred out emergently because his foot was gangrenous. Today, a week after his foot was amputated, his daughter comes in to thank us for helping save his life, but also to see if we can help him get neuropathy care in the rehab hospital. And there’s the 55-year-old disabled guy with factor V clotting disorder… all this in 6 days.
If you think neuropathy care is just about weight loss, a single device or machine, you may be in for a very rude (and dangerous) awakening.

Your Really Sick Patients Need Incredible Expertise!

You probably know as a reader, our neuropathy treatment systems are unique, relying very much on the skill and training of our highly respected clinicians.
And we often get results where others fail. This is because we only let the most qualified clinicians join our team.
And train them exceptionally well. A big part of our rapid growth at NeuropathyDR has come with the iPhone®/ipad app, and our Facebook community. Patient’s call and private message us all the time looking for competent, caring neuropathy treatment professionals.
Peripheral neuropathy is not a problem with quick, easy answers. And its difficult work, even on easy days. But if you are a great doc or therapist willing to expand your horizons and do what we do, I invite you to call us at 781-754-0599  24/7 or just go to
If you are the right fit, nothing will stand in your way!

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