Marketing As Science
As a chiropractor, physical therapist or pain management specialist, you’re a “science minded” individual.
You’ve been through medical training and you’re intimately familiar with the application of science in the treatment of your patients.
But have you ever thought of marketing your chiropractic, physical therapy or pain management practice as a science?
Think about that.
Marketing is a scientific process.
In preparing to market your practice, you need to:
·            Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish.

Your Marketing Plan Should Be Spelled Out Like A Treatment Plan

·            Research.
·            Construct a theory.
·            Test.
·            Analyze.
·            Present your results.
When you put the marketing process into that context, it’s not really so foreign, is it?
Let’s break each of those steps down.
Ask the Question
The ultimate question in marketing your chiropractic, physical therapy or pain management practice is how do I increase the number of patients I treat and grow my practice?
One of the best ways to research how to increase the number of patients you treat is to see how other successful practices in your specialty do it.  Are they doing something that you haven’t tried?  Be sure that the chiropractic, physical therapy and pain management practices you study treat the same patient population you want to treat.  If you look at successful chiropractors that treat strictly geriatric patients, their marketing materials probably won’t help you much if you want to specialize in treating sports injuries…
tbc… have a great day!

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