We did all this so you wont have to!

There is a real important message here about reading into the future a bit, positioning your businesses strategically and being ready for it by taking MASSIVE action.
The world of private practice is changing very fast now, as is the specialty of helping peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain patients. You see, so many more people now know, thanks in a large part to the pioneering work of NeuropathyDR that the just don’t have to accept approaches that advocate only drugs like gabapentin, pregabalin and narcotics.
Even pain management specialists understand this more and more, and now are even advertising for neuropathy patients, after years of telling them little if anything could be done!
So, during the last six weeks, PPW/ND has 1. Released the First Ever Neuropathy Patient Mobile App “Beat Neuropathy and Chronic Pain”. 2. Updated all ND Pro Memberships to include done-for-you specialty practice Social Media platforms with expanded co-branded websites and 3. Just Launched “BeatingNeuropathy.Com” our podcast and Radio Show Website!
That Means now that you as an ND Clinician are promoted on every possible platform, across the FM Radio waves, iTunes Podcasts, and even on iPhones and iPads featuring Google Map and information about your clinic!
The reason is quite simple. Patients and their families of all ages are now going mobile! More and more! Even traditional media like newspapers, TV and Radio have more viewership than their traditional venues. The smart phone and tablet will replace PCs, some estimate in less than 2 years! Now that’s an astonishing figure.

Here’s My Point: We did all this so you wont have to!
I know that practice is crazy enough, let alone the rest of your life. So we just built an incredibly powerful arm of our business for our great clients just like you! That’s what I insisted upon months back when Mick Olinik and Jason Silverman had our first discussion along these lines.
All of this has required some incredible hours and expense. But so do most great ventures in life and business! And the reasons are we built our company to be the very best and will stay that way, far into the future.
Once again, I want to thank you for being part of this extraordinary group! Jes and I hear from your patients all the time about how much you mean to them.
And you mean the world to me! Thank You for all you do.

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