It’s hard to believe its already five years since NeuropathyDR® developed some of the most powerful protocols to help end the misery of chronic pain due to peripheral neuropathy and related disorders. Just as we predicted in 2009, those professionals claiming to be able to treat neuropathy have sprung up like weeds.
Some have done a fine job. Others have gotten themselves in hot water. Some have blatantly stolen our work.
And more still have discovered there is a true art and clinical science to really helping these suffering patients regain their quality of life, if not their once vibrant health and the value of being affiliated with only like-minded health care professionals.
Now Dr Michael Beck and myself predicted all of this. Mike remains the premier patient communicator for the chiropractic profession and was instrumental in launching NeuropathyDR®. Now, other medical writers from all disciplines have joined forces to tell the NeuropathyDR Story to the world.
So, here is a recap of where NeuropathyDR Professionals are today!
The book “Beating Neuropathy-Taking Misery to Miracles in Just 5 Weeks!” remains a bestseller and maintains a 4 Star Rating on Amazon! Every day, thousands more around the world learns there are very viable choices to drug-only neuropathy treatment. It’s sequel with patient stories and helpful condition specific care is due out shortly!
The Website NeuropathyDR and its 20+ co-branded sites bring hundreds of new visitors every day, consistently ranking high with local and international search engines.
The First Beat Neuropathy and Chronic Pain App is now in iTunes and the Apple store! This powerful tool connects the world with up to the minute neuropathy information and resources. Download it now HERE

Get Your iPhone/iPad App HERE Now!

The Weekly radio shows Beating Neuropathy and Chronic Pain is broadcast on FM Radio every Sunday night and live streamed around the world!
Our social media presence continues to grow and expand with patients around the world sharing their NeuropathyDR® stories with friends and family.
Within days, iTunes and Beating Neuropathy and Chronic Pain podcasts begin with related articles and patient resources at a brand new website…
And then there is YouTube/Neuropathy Doctor, numerous professional articles published, our work with the American College of Physical Medicine, NeuropathyDoc Twitter feeds…
In short, we built our company to be the best, and it’s an honor to work with professionals just like you every day.
If you’d like to  learn more about these and upcoming opportunities including becoming one of our licensed treatment centers special practice owner financing and BONUSES, go to NeuropathyDR Professionals or call Jes TODAY at 781-754-0599.

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