One of the things I discuss with marketers and entrepreneurs all the time is the impact of poor or no use of ones practice website to help drive new patient traffic.
Practice websites are unlke other businesses unless you are spending lots on PPC (pay-per-click). A practice website is a tool, but with rare exception a stand alone marketing piece. (Not that you couldn’t- you can absolutely crush your local market with a website(s) if you know how!)
Professional Practice Websites really are a place to 1. educate patients and 2. capture interested patients to educate them and 3. schedule an appointment for searching patients ASAP.
Now, since most of us don’t spend tons on PPC, heres just 6 things that can really can make a difference in ROI from your site. This assumes your site has been SEO’d, and is looked at regularly, all Google accounts are set up and in play, content does not remain stagnant, etc.
a. Social Media Posts with Hyperlinks back to your site, frequently and systematically.
b. Put your URL on your business cards and stationary.
c. Use the URL when you print your newsletter and postcards.
d. Use the URL on your telephone intake procedure for prospects.
e. Make sure its referenced in any local marketing campaign.
f. Lastly, have MANY websites at different but related URLs all linked back properly…
And finally, don’t neglect the fact that ALL marketing Campaigns work better with multi-media! Our largest NeuropathyDR Tx Centers use print, web, TV, social media, live events, staff training etc ALL Simultaneously.
And if you want to get and stay in the big-times, that’s exactly what it will take.

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