You know the issues…
Your chiropractic, physical therapy or medical practice offers a myriad of special services…
•       For women to combat the effects of osteoporosis and/or hormonal issues
•       Sports rehabilitation services for the athlete
•       Recuperative and NeuropathyDR® Treatments for seriously ill patients
Any of these specialties should be bringing in the kind of varied patient population that would not only keep your practice exciting but do great things for your bank balance as well.
Still, day after day, you treat the strained back from the construction worker or the sore knees of the weekend warrior.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  You just know you could be doing more.
You know the demand for your real expertise and special services is out there but for some reason you’re not reaching them.
It’s not a lost cause…
Try these tips for reaching the kind of varied patients you know you can help:
Get In Front Of Your Prospects
You know you can help all these patients but if they don’t know you exist, you can’t help them.
You have to take your message to them.  Go where you know they are.
If you want to treat sport injuries or athletes, advertise with the local marathon organizers.
If you want to specialize in senior care, get your message out to the local senior centers and retirement communities.
For chiropractors and physical therapists:  If women are your target market, start networking with ob/gyn’s referrals or speak at local professional women’s clubs on the benefits of specialty care for common female complaints.
What’s In It For The Patient?
When you get in front of your prospective market, don’t dwell on how great you are or how you’re an expert in whatever field.
Emphasize what’s in it for them.
Greater mobility, playing golf, or enjoying the grandchildren…
Less pain…

Success and healing are both so formulaic…

Literally, getting their freedom or their life back…
You have to sell the benefits of your treatment, not your expertise.  Always make sure that your top priority in marketing, initially, is answering the patients all important “What’s in it for me?”
Don’t Forget The Power Of Referrals
Referrals can be an invaluable resource for building your practice.
The art of getting referrals from other professionals takes time to develop but if you learn to foster and develop relationships between your practice and referring practices, you will reap the benefits for years to come.
If you get referrals from another practice or specialty, always make those patients a top priority.  See them when it’s convenient for them and do it as quickly as possible.  If you develop a reputation for giving top notch care to the referrals you receive, your fellow practitioners won’t hesitate to send you more patients.
And always, always thank the referring doctor for every patient they send you.  And don’t forget your referring doctors’ staff members.  They are often overlooked but many of the referrals you receive will really come from a referring practitioner’s front desk staff.  They’re the ones who hand out your card, give people your web address, or even call to setup appointments.
It has taken years for you to become a specialist.  And you expended the time and effort in your particular specialty because you knew there were people out there who needed your help.
They are your target market.
You have a priceless opportunity to help your prospective patients and grow your practice into a thriving concern all at the same time.
Go where your patients are, show up in their web space and social media, at your live events be sure to tell them what’s in it for them, build your enormous referral network and you’ll be well on your way to living and practicing by design.
And when you are ready to expand your horizons even further, go to or call me 24/7 at 781-754-0599 John

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