Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the country.

Nothing builds a powerful specialty practice like incredible results!

With the increase in the number of patients developing diabetes comes an increase in the number of patients developing complications.
One of those complications is diabetic neuropathy.
The good news is that with proper treatment and a compliant patient, diabetic neuropathy can be managed and quality of life vastly improved.
Meet “Evelyn”
Evelyn is a 62 year old woman who presented to our office with progressive and severe diabetic neuropathy.  She suffered from peripheral neuropathy symptoms in her hands and feet, intense cramping in her legs and tingling in both feet.  The range of motion in her back was severely limited from the middle of her back to her hips. She was no longer able to sleep and could not exercise due to the painful neuropathy symptoms in her legs and feet.  Even the easiest exercise, such as walking, was no longer a possibility.  At the time she came to us, she had been suffering with these symptoms for 10 years.  Even after 10 years of medical and podiatric care, she was getting worse instead of better.
After a thorough history & physical and evaluation, we took her into the NeuropathyDR® treatment program.  Her customized treatment program consisted in part of our three pronged approach – manual therapies, in clinic Rebuilder® therapy using both the basin with the feet and the gloves with the hands, daily blood sugar monitoring and charting (four times per day) and metabolic and dietary counseling and treatment. 
With the combined NeuropathyDR® metabolic therapies, Rebuilder® treatment and effective nutritional planning, we were able to drop her blood sugars by 120 points, without changing or increasing her medication.
The drop in her blood sugars led to a decrease in her medication needs. 
In addition to diet planning and counseling, we put her on a combination of nutrients.
As a result of the metabolic and nutritional work we did with Evelyn, her blood sugar was down by 120 points, without any medication changes or additions.  Ultimately, her primary care physician was able to reduce her prescription meds. After 5 weeks of treatment, her numbness and tingling levels on a 0 to 10 scale, with 10 being the highest, went from 10 before treatment down to 5 after treatment. She reported overall improvement of 25 – 30%. The tingling in her feet and hands was significantly reduced.  Her leg cramps were markedly better as was her back pain.
With the improvement in her leg and foot pain, she was able to start significant walking again.
 Every day that she can exercise puts her one more day closer to a normal life.
The success of her treatment is a testament to the patient as well as the treatment protocol. She followed our orders diligently and was extremely compliant with our treatment program.
She purchased from our clinic a special ND/Rebuilder® home care kit, treating herself at home concurrently with the office care, took her prescribed ND supplements, did the prescribed blood sugar monitoring as well as her exercise and metabolic rehab.
While there are no miracle diabetic neuropathy cures, this case illustrates the results that can be achieved with a solid treatment strategy and patient compliance.
 Without a strong partnership between patient and clinician, these results would not have been possible.
As effective specialty practice clinicians, patient success depends upon your ability to convey the message that from the outset of treatment that without your patients full compliance with your treatment regimen, they will not see the results they’re looking for.
And nothing builds a powerful specialty practice like incredible results!
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