Why a Specialty Practice in Todays World?

Make no mistake about it, businesses are being challenged to their core right now.
But, the reality is in a down economy you can OWN your market! Why? Because of how many businesses (practices) pull back, fail to market or maintain contact with people who likely could be customers for life!
I see this as a private practice consultant every day. Those who do all the right things in private health care right now are thriving, pulling together larger market shares all the time as weaker practices fold.
And one factor in our success clearly is the advantages of  developing a true Specialty Practice.
Specialists become experts by advanced training. Specialists get paid more. They especially get more referrals from generalists. Patients know this, then really sense it in the presence of their clinician.
As I watch in our 50 some-odd NeuropathyDR Clinics, those who continue to study, learn new techniques to help those whose lives have been devastated by serious disease and illnesses never want for new patients!
Real Specialty practices in particular have incredible “leverage”.  Staff always are learning newer and better ways of helping patients. Specialty practices have “staying power” when staff is trained properly, each system is perfected,  then marketed to their communities consistently.
And if by chance something is not working, its almost always just one of the above.
So, if you are on track to have an incredible finish to your year, I commend you.
If not, take a hard look at how your practice is positioned in front of your community from every angle. Give patients reasons to ONLY want to see you.
But above all, do this before your nearest competitor does.
It’s not going to be “easier” next year.

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