Private Practice “Valuenomics” and My Neuropathy/RSD Patients

Whats Your Valunomics Like?

I’ve had a lot of fun in the clinic this week, taken in several very interesting new patients. Tough, chronic neuropathy cases and a very unique RSD Case.
The RSD is another patient who experienced miraculous relief after 1 session. But more on the clinical stuff another time. Funny thing is, I have not run an active ad for about a month, but instead continue to trickle market (with Instant Patient Newsletter and snail mail) as I teach my clients.So, this morning while doing mid-year financial planning, I’m running some numbers.
Here’s the deal: If I followed “guru” practice building advice, I’d have to treat one typical musculoskeletal patient 75 times (!) to net what just ONE of these cases has netted the practice already.
My wonderful new patients this week are largely pre-paid, always with a grateful smile, no bitching about insurance-co-pays or referrals.
And NEVER question my fees that as a specialist easily command more. Because they get their LIVES back!
HMMM, why would anyone choose to practice like the “gurus” still preach? No wonder we have “issues”.
If you are serious about your future, then carefully carve out YOUR ND Specialty area before a competitor does.
I’m here to help you do that!

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