Some Great Advertising Pieces….

Step 1: Print out the .pdf
Step 2: Hand write in the correct contact information, phone, expiration date etc.
Step 3: Forward to your newspaper
Step 4: Get a proof back from them, make sure it looks just like the original. It is very easy for the media people to make a mistake or rearrange part of the ad. Don’t let them. Always see a proof first, and send it to us if you would like us to view it before it prints.
Ad 1 – They Laughed When I Flew 10,000 Miles
Ad 2 – Think you’ve tried everything for Shingles
Ad 3 – I Though I’d Tried Everything For My Neuropathy Pain

Additional Display Ads and Radio Spots are delivered to you throughout the year.

*Full Access Members may request the existing library from us directly by FAXING a request on letterhead with owners signature to 774-516-1302 

Other Powerful ND Systems:

A. Ask about Our PPW Multi-Media Marketing Consortiums.

B. Investigate if Licensing The 30 Minute “Beating Neuropathy Television Infomercial” is available in your area.*Pursuant to our agreement with FYI Media, after a $500 Deposit is received, a Market Analysis is performed to discover and negotiate best media buys on local and national stations. If Your area is available, the $500 is credited towards your Personalization of the BN Infomercial and First Year License. To proceed, leave a voicemail at 781-754-0599.

*Any Self-Published Media in any form may not reference NeuropathyDR(R) or use the logos, content etc without our written permission after review of proposed material.

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