In our last article, we talked about the importance of effective communication in growing your practice.
This week, we’ll talk about one of the most effective communication tools available to the chiropractic, physical therapy and medical practice…
The almighty email…
If you have a patient list (and who doesn’t?), you have at your disposal one of the most valuable marketing tools you could ever hope for.
Just by effectively using your patient list, you can reach out and interact with your patients on an ongoing basis and make sure that you remain first and foremost in their minds when they think of your specialty.
Here are a few suggestions on exactly how to harness the power of email to grow and market your practice:
1. The Welcome Email
When a new patient comes to you for chiropractic, physical therapy or other medical care, make sure that your patient information sheet collects their email. Immediately following their visit, have your staff send them an email thanking them for choosing you for their care.  This can be done as a part of entering their information into your computer system.  Make sure the email includes information about your office hours, your phone number for appointments, any particular information they need or steps they need to take in preparation for their appointment and an opt-out option of they don’t want to receive future information from your office.
2. Patient Education
Once you have your email list in place, you can use the list to educate your patients and let them know about any of the following:
•      Recalls on prescriptions they take
•      New chiropractic treatment options available to them
•      New drug approvals from the FDA
•      Results of physical therapy clinical trials or studies
•      Medical or health trends affecting your private practice
•      Diet tips or recipes for particular conditions
Next time, we’ll share more ideas on ways to use the power of email and access to your patients’  In box to pave the way to a thriving practice.

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