A great website…
Expensive patient brochures…
A direct mail campaign explaining the virtues of good chiropractic care…
These are all good options and they all serve to do the one thing that you need more than anything else to market your practice.
They communicate with both current and future patients.
Communication is vital to building patient trust and removing doubt from the minds of your patients.  If your patient information materials are too one-sided or unclear, your prospects may lose faith in your ability to treat them effectively.
But communication is about more than just educating your patients.  It’s about listening to them as well.
Here are some things to remember to enhance patient communication and further your efforts to live and practice by design:
What Exactly Is Effective Communication?

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy practice and good patient outcomes.  Remember that good communication goes both ways.  While we normally think more along the lines of how we express ourselves and our ideas, good communication also involves being a good listener.  That’s especially important for doctors.  Effectively communicating with your patients determines:

  • Whether or not a patient will actually come back to you for treatment after the initial consultation
  • Your ability to properly diagnose the patient’s problem
  • Whether or not you can determine if the patient will actually follow the treatment program

Good communication skills build patient trust.  If the patient feels that you’re genuinely listening to them, they feel like you’re really working in their best interests.

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