For our final installment on remembering that patients are customers, here are a few more tips to make your patients’ experience a winning one:
1.  Never talk about a patient where another patient can overhear.
As a general rule, the patients you see every day aren’t feeling well and that can make them less than pleasant.  Regardless of how the patient behaves, never express an unflattering opinion about them where other patients can hear it.
2. If what you’re about to do will be uncomfortable, warn the patient.
Your staff may perform a certain procedure 20 times a day but for your patient, it could be something totally new.  Remind them to be honest with the patient.  Letting them know ahead of time that something is going to be unpleasant, and how unpleasant it will be, will give them more of a comfort level with you and know what to expect.
3. Speak in plain terms.
Remind your staff that not everyone works for a doctor.  Don’t use medical jargon or abbreviations or other terms that the average person doesn’t understand.  Take the time to explain what’s happening and do it in terms that are clear.  Make sure the patient understands exactly what they’ve been told.
Just taking the time to treat your patients with respect and showing sensitivity and professionalism will pay benefits for your practice that are priceless.  All of these tips will go a long way toward keeping those referrals coming in from satisfied patients.

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