Last time we talked about a few tips to make your patients’ experience a memorable one.  Here are a few more to pass on to your staff.
1.  Address patients as Mr., Mrs. or Ms.
Especially on the first few visits, address patients respectfully with the proper salutation.  Many elderly patients feel that being addressed by their first name is a sign of disrespect.  If in doubt, have your staff ask the patient what they prefer.
2. Be pleasant and friendly but not overly personal.
Remind your staff not to take liberties with patients that don’t exist.  Don’t assume that you have a friendly relationship unless they know the patient very well.  This can be as bad from a customer service perspective as ignoring them
3. Present the image you want your patients to see.
Never present a sloppy image to your patients.  To make sure your patients are seeing your practice in the way you want, walk in with fresh eyes the next time you pass through the door.  Enter your office and look at it as though you were a patient crossing the threshold the very first time.  If you don’t like what you see (messy workspaces, sloppily staff, food in the reception area, etc.), chances are your patients won’t be impressed either.
Stay tuned for more tips next time…

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