Getting To The Next Level" FREE Ebook and Audio with Rob Berkley

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to interview my friend, coach and mentor, Rob Berkley.
Rob is also a speaker who has shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, Ali Brown, Bill Glazer, Michael Gelb and many others. He is co-author of the book “Speaking of Success” with Steven Covey.
Rob once had a client describe him as a cross between Yoda, Gandhi and Perry Mason, bringing wisdom, piercing clarity, kindness and a touch of “The Force” to his work.

Read this like you would your own MRI...It's that important!

And I’d have to echo the very same sentiment! My clients participated in the live presentation.
Afterward, I decided that the information is so powerful, so pertinent as to what can so paralyze private practice owners personal and professional growth, that I wanted to share the EBook and audio of this live event with you too!
Enjoy, and please post your feedback! John
Here it Is…
Rob Berkley John Hayes Getting to the Next Level EBook
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