More Chronic Care Caveats
Your patients have been through a lot. In fact, unless you or a loved one have been through a protracted illness, it can be difficult to imagine. This is where compassionate care can really help recovery.
They want to finally be free from pain. Not just medicate it away! If there are good treatments and physical modalities that help, explain the hows and whys, use good tools, and make sure your staff knows all about these too, so they become educated ambassadors of health!
They want their lives back! Yes! This is key to not only getting results, but also to getting to the heart of lifestyle problems such as obesity and immobility and poor fitness levels.
But they must completely understand the process, game plan, and their responsibilities in recovery.

Broad Skills Development are Keys to Success in practice

You must take control, fully assess their intentions from the outset, and involve yourself completely in their treatment.
And then watch your referrals and practice revenues growing every week.
It’s a win for everyone involved.

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