Today, we’ll talk about the third and final piece of the treatment of multiple health issues puzzle – making sure your patients understand what to expect in their treatment and what the process entails.
Third – Explain The Healing Process
Take it for granted that no one before you has really explained the physical causes of their pain and/or loss of sensation.  At least not in a way they could understand.  All they know is that they’re in pain.
Neuropathy and chronic pain patients very often don’t understand their suffering because nobody ever took the time to explain the basics. And this is even more true for patients having been treated in large institutions!
For example, we suggest that you use multimedia tools. I’ll very often use simple diagrams aided by powerful interactive software to demonstrate that nerve cells being deprived of oxygen causes them to shrink, widening the synaptic junction between the nerves and preventing the impulses from reaching from one nerve to the next.
Break it down into terms they can understand.  Picture a motorcycle trying to jump from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other.  There is virtually no way it will make it to the other side.  That’s the same with nerve impulses trying to reach from one nerve to the next when the synaptic junction is enlarged.  Tell your patient that effective chronic pain care may help restore neurologic function, even where other systems have failed.  Often times you can explain to them that your treatments are like building a bridge back across the Canyon. And that like a bridge under construction, this is not going to happen overnight.
The Final Caveat

Trust and Empathy Helps Patients Get Better Faster

Your patients have been through a lot.
They want to finally be free from pain.
They want their life back!
But they must completely understand the process, game plan, and their responsibilities in recovery.
You must take control, fully assess their intentions from the outset, and involve yourself completely in their treatment.
And then watch your referrals and practice revenues growing every week.
It’s a win for everyone involved.

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