Secrets of Effectively Helping Patients with Multiple Health Issues – Part 2

In our last post we talked about treating patients burdened with the following symptoms following a major health issue, surgical procedure or chemotherapy:
Pain that is unmanageable, despite medications.
Loss of normal mobility., and inability to do even basic daily functions
Disability, as well as the financial and emotional strain that results.
Once you’ve done a thorough patient intake and discussed planned outcomes, you can move to phase 2 of treatment:
Address Any Underlying Metabolic Issues
Work with your patient’s other physicians and talk to the patient about any other underlying medical conditions they have.  Eliminate all other possible causes as much as possible. Get a thorough history and physical.  Chances are very good that they’ve been through a battery of tests with their regular treating physician.  If that’s the case, simply ask for the results.  If the results are current, you can save your patient a lot of time, money and frustration by not putting them through tests they’ve already had.

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