2010 Patient Thanksgiving Letter Card Insert HERE

Here’s a free tip you can use to help your practice and your patients
but you’ve got to put a staff person on this today!

Little Extras can do huge things for your practice...

Download this letter from the link above, take a little time with it and adapt it to your practice.
The Big Idea is to create a Thanksgiving Week Only offer that helps you and your patients.
The offer and expiration must be crystal clear.
Next, have them printed on a pastel gold paper, folded and inserted into a nice envelope, or Thanksgiving Style Card.
Have your staff address them, or have your printer use a handwriting style font.
You could mail the entire practice (but we do that every month already, as should you).
In our practice, this promo only goes to our “A” list.
Mail First Class, with a LIVE STAMP the week before Thanksgiving.

Here’s are some caveats.

Make sure your offer is compliant.
Don’t forget to fully discuss this with your team.
Enjoy the holiday spirit of gratitude, and let your patients feel it!
Let me know how this worked for you!

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