Election Reminders For Private Practice Owners

This weekend I spent time reading the September 3rd 2009 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The one with The Beatles breakup article on the cover. When I first glanced at it probably like most boomers, I had immediate flashbacks to 1967.
What attracted me to this issue is that a patient had deliberately placed it on my desk. No, not just for the cover story, but for Matt Tabbis’ excellent article on health care reform.
The last time I had spent time with this magazine it was a totally different format.  I must say they have them a great job with their redesign and readability.
Tabbis’ article is mandatory reading. For multiple reasons.
About halfway through the article in there is a section entitled “Provide no Leadership”.  Criticizing the president’s handling of the proposed healthcare reform bill Tabbi says Obama spoke in “generalities”.
Tabbi rightly says that at no time, “…did Obama come out and say once what he wanted Congress to do. Even in June, when congressional leaders desperate for guidance met with chief of staff …they got no signal at all about what the White House wanted”.
One of the photograph titles states, “Obama has been agonizingly noncommittal about the details of reform.”
Of course, this entire story has yet to play out to completion.

Well intentioned, but still with too many devastating consequences for America as it stands right now...

The unresolved issues remain of extreme importance to you and your patients…

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