I think one of the most powerful but scariest things we do as achievers is create a compelling future life, and then actually watch it start to unfold right before our eyes.
Think about it. You did this as a student at several levels. In reality, many times. In fact, at one point it was probably term-to-term.
Then, you opened your practice. Still way more changes. Lots of excitement, new ways of doing things, patients that challenged every skill you thought you forgot.
So, you know you have the power to create magnificent changes.

Getting Stuck…
Successful doctors know kife and practice Is a balancing act

After a while, what was once magnificent and exciting seems dull, boring, and very routine. We sometimes so easily forget the sacrifices we made to get where we are. High school, under-grad, and on and on. The daily grind is just that. If its not practice stress, it’s kids, family, etc.
Then sometimes we build fences, stop communicating with past friends, we can also become very rigid in certain habits, most especially mental habits and sometimes getting really, really stuck.
Before we know it, seems like years have passed. If things did not turn out like you thought, it’s easy to just give in, and say, “…Oh well…” We in fact, can start to live by default. That’s when its not pretty.

Feeling Unrewarded…

This is perhaps the most dangerous of all places to be, because by its very nature, we tend to act without thinking, make very bad decisions, or seemingly attract one storm after another into our lives.

There is an alternative to living this way…

And that is to start over. Today! No, it does not mean you abandon everyone and everything. Too many times that’s an absolute disaster.
But what you can do is gather new perspective, knowledge, and once again, create a compelling future! Create a new design like a blueprint and start to live from it.
But you can only successfully do this while immersed in certain thinking; have excellent guidance and others to bounce ideas off who are on your side all the way.
And most especially you’ll surely need to adopt certain characteristics, the thinking and behaviors of those that blazed the trails before us.
This really is the essence of living, and practicing by design, and not default. This is also the power of the mastermind, which is aligned minds working toward a common goal.

Where to begin…

You’ll need just three things.
Space. You must have dedicated quiet place to go. Could be an elaborate vacation, or simply a parked car or a rock in the woods or at the beach. In this space you’ll also do some things fun. Regularly. Really. I ride my motorcycle, more often than not take the boat out or go for a run or ski day.
Time. You must have dedicated time to do this. Non-cancelable, uninterrupted, no distractions. Phone off. No limits. You might need 15 minutes, you might need a month…
And a blank pad of paper. If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, maybe several.

And then it happens.

When not forced, you’ll know exactly what to do next.
The Final Steps? Capture and record your thoughts. This is so important! Keep that pad and pen handy! The more you can organize and focus your thoughts, the better the results will be. Put it on yourself, but be gentle!  Acknowledge what you’ll do better with your current vantage point. We all make mistakes. Do not beat yourself up.
Ask for guidance. Bounce ideas off people that dream big, and will not bring you down!
But the biggest thing is to continually be moving forward, with each new day you are privileged to live.
And then it’s easy once again. But only if you have that design.

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